Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Greek ‘Black Panthers’ Warn Racist Gangs: ‘Don’t Mess With Black People’.

“You cannot be living your life in fear because of some stupid neo-Nazi group,” said Chege to Channel 4 reporter Jamal Osman. “In WW2, they were crushed. In WW3, we will exterminate them out of the face of the earth.” 

Chege added, “And me personally? I am a member of the Black Panthers and everybody knows that. And I am giving them [Golden Dawn] a straight warning –  don’t mess with Black people, anyhow.”

Chege said he has warred with the Golden Dawn 10 times in a “kill or be killed” battle in his words. Osman asked if the encounters with the gangs are random, to which he replied, “They mostly target Black people.”

According to Chege, the police do not intervene in hate crimes because they secretly support Golden Dawn. More here

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Seattle/Tacoma Human Rights Community to Serve Israeli Shipping Company with Notice of Ongoing Boycott Action.

Seattle/Tacoma Human Rights Community to Serve Israeli Shipping Company with Notice of Ongoing Boycott Action

3:30 PM – Rally to Follow
Zim American Integrated Shipping Services
S.W. Klickitat Way, Seattle, WA  98134

Block the Boat Northwest, a local anti-apartheid coalition, will make a public delivery of a demand letter to the Seattle offices of Zim American Integrated Shipping Services Co. LLCan Israeli-owned transport company.  The letter serves notice that Puget Sound activists will continue to boycott and blockade Zim freight ships until the State of Israel complies with the demands of the international Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement (BDS):
• End the occupation and colonization of all Arab lands and dismantle the Wall;
• Recognize the fundamental rights of the Arab-Palestinian citizens of Israel to full equality;
• Respect, protect and promote the rights of Palestinian refugees to return to their homes and properties as stipulated in UN resolution 194. 

The Seattle action will be part of ongoing West Coast and international boycott and blockade actions targeting Zim Shipping.  

On October 25, Oakland’s Block the Boat for Gaza will once more blockade a Zim ship from unloading in the Oakland harbor. 

As a part of Ofer Brothers, Israel’s largest and most profitable conglomerate — with close ties to Israel's security apparatus — Zim is in a unique position to influence the State of Israel to comply with the demands of the international BDS movement, which are in accord with international humanitarian law.  As a shipping company, Zim should also respect several specific rights of the people of Gaza:

• Freedom for Palestinians to move freely in and out of Gaza;
• Unrestricted import and export of supplies and goods by land, sea and air; 
• Unrestricted use of the Gaza seaport.

Block the Boat NW is responding to a call by the Palestinian General Federation Trade Union for actions to end Israel’s ongoing violations of human rights and international law, including Israel’s recent assault on the captive population of Gaza, during which Israelbombed schools, several hospitals, seven UN-designated shelters, Gaza’s only power plant, and Gaza’s water purification system.  More than 2000 Palestinians, mostly civilians, were killed by Israel during the fifty days of its assault on Gaza.

Since the West Coast campaign to blockade Zim ships began in August, Zim  is estimated to have lost thousands of dollars a day for the delays in Oakland, Los Angeles, Seattle, Tacoma and Vancouver.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Mexico: 28 Protestors Burned Alive; Others Still Missing.

At least 28 bodies have been unearthed from a mass grave near Iguala, in the southern Mexican state of Guerrero. The bodies, which show clear signs of torture, were laid over branches and logs that were sprayed with fuel and set fire.

The victims appear to have been burned alive, a guard at the site told Spanish newspaper El Mundo. A total of 28 scorched bodies were exhumed so far, though some unconfirmed reports pointed to a higher number of 34. Some of the remains were complete, while others were in pieces.

The authorities are conducting a variety of forensic tests to conclude if the human remains belong to 43 education students from the community of Ayotzinapa who went missing on September 26, after their bus was shot at by police agents and members of organized crime.

According to the authorities, the identification of the victims will take between 15 days and two months. Argentinian specialists are taking part in the process at the request of Ayotzinapa students.

I├▒aky Blanco, the state of Guerrero's public prosecutor, claimed that “several of the police agents had links to organized crime, and in some cases were active drug trafficking hit men.” Later on during a press conference in Acapulco, he added that it was the “Director of Public Security of Iguala Francisco Salgado Valladares who gave the order to detain the student teachers from Ayotzinapa; and an individual known as ‘El Chuky' from the criminal group Guerreros Unidos would have ordered the kidnap and murder of the young students.” The name United Warriors plays off the name of the state, Guerrero, which means warrior in Spanish.

The students, who were taking part in a protest against job discrimination against teachers from rural areas, were traveling in a bus when they were ambushed by police. Three of the students were killed at the scene, as well as a football player who was in another unrelated bus, a bus driver and a woman who was in a taxi.

 More here.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

A Return To Ferguson, MO. And YOU Can Help!

All Power To The Positive [dot] Info! is looking to return to Ferguson, MO for a weekend of action October 10-13th. 

But not just that, to also expand our reach on the internet, and beyond the internet!

And we can only achieve this goal with the assistance of generous donations from distinguished members of our extended, international community.

As some of you may or may not know, I have been invited back, in the capacity of independent media. Like the Zapatistas of Chiapas, a recurring refrain from the people of Ferguson has been “the corporate media is not telling our story accurately”.
So, more than just marching in circles, begging the racist/backward/arrogant/indifferent for "justice", or loudly co-signing to what the astute say publicly to (or about) these political forces, I will be actually capturing even more of the voices (and music) of those the system seeks to segregate, humiliate, and silence; plus the usual "shake-a-hand/make-a-friend" activity that is the cornerstone of this work.

Some of you had the unique opportunity to hear/see all about it at the presentation I did at Black Coffee Co-Op. Since that event, I have also had the opportunity to share what I’ve put together with students at a local alternative high school; with more invitations pending upon my return from this trip. 

Something you may or may not know is the additional media coverage (beyond the numerous pod-cannon episodes) I helped with; like Al-Jezeera America and The Anti-Media

But this only continue, and grow, with YOUR help! We rely exclusively on the generosity of individuals like YOU.


For those who are not familiar, All Power To The Positive! was first recorded and posted online in December of 2010. New episodes have been produced EVERY WEEK (sometimes two in a week), without fail, no matter what was going on; covering issues and events that effect working people from all over the world.

Today, we can be heard 24/7/365 on our new server at All Power To The Positive [dot] Info, and also on Stitcher, ITunes, Radio Rage, Hollow Earth Radio, UCY.TV, and many more.

Please consider a donation to this effort. Every little bit helps. Go to this link to add-on financially to this endeavor.

Thank you in advance for your generosity and solidarity.


Sensei Gregory C. Lewis