Sunday, November 30, 2014

Seattle - Mexico - Ferguson

I imagine most have been keeping score as far as events in Ferguson.

So far, highlights have included: national guard mobilization, joint-jurisdictional unified command for local law enforcement, threats from the Ku Klux Klan (broadcast on MSNBC), and hundreds of both angry and worried residents, and at last the non-indictment of Darren Wilson.

So, against this backdrop, I'm going back. And then on to Mexico. Like Montel Williams, I "bring people to together". And that's the point!

On November 20th, in response to 43 students disappearing, with some confirmed killed by police, the various social movements of Mexico called for a general strike. This was after weeks of demonstrations across Mexico and calls for the resignation of President Enrique Pena Nieto.
On December 22nd the EZLN is hosting a festival of resistance in Chiapas and the world is invited.

What would be ideal, which is also actually a tangible, short-term goal (with potentially long-term, history-changing results), is to help open a channel of dialogue and solidarity between the Zapatistas, the other social movements in Mexico, and the black community of Ferguson; of course with lots of room for other communities to be part of this.

So, in addition to the usual media activity that I do, and (if I'm not jailed or killed) post-activity report-back/QnA events, I will be bringing participants from movements from both sides of the border together.

But, I need your help to do it. The last time I went out to Missouri, I spent less than $500 (airfare was the "bop"). This time I seek to raise $3,000 total for BOTH destinations (its a little over $1,000 round-trip from amerikkka to Mexico) to complete this mission.

For those who, for reasons other than financial, cannot go out there (or to Mexico), please consider sending me to both Ferguson and Mexico in your place; as your eyes, ears, and voice.

Please have a look at the following links:
Our neighbors to the South are doing what we need to be doing

Go to the right sidebar, and click on the "$upport This Show" link.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Quick Reflection On Facts, Attitudes, And Trends In The Struggle Against Police Terror In Amerikkka (Part 3).

1. Let me take note of the profound disrespect for survivors and deceased victims of police violence, due to the general political backwardness and amerikkkanism of protest participants around the Mike Brown anti-verdict.

Let me say this to the newbies: know your history, from credible sources, or be doomed to repeat it. Also, know yourself, your allies, your surroundings, and your enemy. Material reality trumps all idealistic, moralistic platitudes and attitudes.

Be humble, or get crumbled. Really. This is NOT a game!

Most amerikkkans are dangerous reactionaries, whether they know it or not. Often people will just do things without really thinking out the consequences upon humanity, let alone themselves. Others are proud, willing participants in the amerikkkan empire.

2. To the 1st world economic parasites (especially amerikkkan knee-grow Obamabots and others that pray to the non-existent, for a hope that will never materialize) telling Black people to "tone down" our rhetoric or our activities: you're part of the problem, and will be made extinct by the very people you seek peaceful co-existence with (i.e. - subservience to).  

You cowardly idiots are on your way to hell, and I will do all in my power to push you into hell as fast as I can!

3. The most directly effected must arm themselves against the kkkrackas, the kkkops, and the kkknee-grows; all of whom in their own way contribute to a larger political climate that allows for law enforcement to gun down Black people without serious penalty.

4. Disruption is the name of the game. More of that, please. But even this is NOT enough, in the long-term.

5. We need to take power, and wield it in a direction that makes sense for the most directly effected. This needs to happen sooner, rather than later.

The longer we take, the more opportunity law enforcement has to kill more of us.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Quick Reflection On Facts, Attitudes, And Trends In The Struggle Against Police Terror in Amerikkka (Part 2).

Wishful, idealistic, “magical” thinking still dominates this growing movement against police terrorism against Black people in the wake of the non-indictment of Ferguson KKKop Darren Wilson, Mike Brown's executioner.

Much of this “thinking” (lol) is coming from those who claim to be the leadership or the “vanguard”. Those who claim leadership today often use some of the same techniques and methods used by other groups, persons, and institutions that were influential in the pasts of many Black people; groups, persons, and institutions that are/were oppressive.

1. One example of wishful, idealistic, “magical” thinking: The slogan “It's about Mike Brown!”

When I heard this I wanted to say, “Really? Do you mean to tell me that the police murder of Black people and other non-white people in amerikkka started with Mike Brown on August 9th, 2014? Can you prove that, beyond a reasonable doubt, in front of a jury of your actual peers? You don't believe they wouldn't convict you of 'arrogant ignorance', 'political backwardness', and 'historical revisionism'...?”

Dogmatic, backward, and factually untrue beliefs and slogans like that undermine people like Leslie, Mike's mom, in her efforts to unite with parents like her from all over the country, who KNOW what she is going through. It is an insult to both the relatives of the deceased victims of police terrorism, as well as those of us who survived police terrorism. It is to essentially deny our collective struggle(s) and our role of deep responsibility in this particular struggle, one that has us as the most directly effected by the outcome.

2. Another Example wishful, idealistic, “magical” thinking: The slogan “All Lives Matter!”

No, s—t, professor; where you from, Harvard?

But, it is SPECIFICALLY BLACK LIVES that are being cut short by law enforcement (and vigilante) bullets, tazers, and beatdowns at this time, and this is what drives this movement.

This slogan serves as a continuation of the minimization of our struggle(s) and our humanity, this time by self-proclaimed “progressives” and “revolutionaries” who march with us. It is “left”-wing white supremacy; a type of small-scale social imperialism. Really, its amerikkkanism camouflaged with “socialist” and “democratic” rhetoric.

It was Marx who pointed out how “the rosey dawn of capitalism” came about; it was on the backs and lands of non-white people, specifically Indigenous nations and Africans. And we suffered for it, while they gained; their descendants are still gaining because of this [on-going] history.
Meanwhile, we still stuffer. We would not be out on the street in the cold in such numbers nationally if this was not true.
FACT: Black Lives Matter, some degree, to some people, in a context, sometimes (you hope).

Many individuals decry those with an “agenda”. When asked what their agenda is they say, “Justice For Mike Brown”. When asked to define what that really means, in concrete terms, in material reality, many cannot. Often they were just parroting what they heard someone else say.

Anyone who cannot clearly and succinctly articulate their agenda, that of an organization they are representing, and how that relates to Mike Brown (and all victims of police terrorism/murder), is part of the problem; a ghoulish amerikkkan voyeur of tragedy who craves high drama (at best), and needs to go figure their s--t out.

A practical program of action flows from a correct analysis of events and phenomenon, as does ones political orientation!
Many organizations view Black people as pawns to be used as 'muscle' to advance their agenda. We are labor; we are to act [at their command]; never to think critically, criticize them, or act as strategists in our collective liberation, as far as they are concerned.

It is for this reason, of many, that legitimate leadership is both collective and by example.

Just because one claims to be “the leader”, “the spokesperson”, “the vanguard”, “the mahdi”, “the prophet/prophetess”, “the messenger”, or “the anointed one” does NOT make it an actual, material fact.

Cultism, especially around individuals, the unseen, and organizations, is primitive and reactionary.

Sadly, far too many get involved without researching who's who and what's what.